Attention Getters

Attention getters are two different receptive classes:

 1.  Audible; can be used when recipient not  looking:

        Video examples: chestbeat, clap, knock, slap.

2.  Visible silent attention getters, used when when recipient is looking, request focus on a forthcoming message from signaler:

        Video examples: armshake, chest pat, head nod, tap other.


- Dr. Joanne Tanner

- Charles Ernest



SF Zoo Gorillas

Gorilla Gestures Intro


- Why Create Gestures

- Tactile

- Visual

- Audible

- Iconic

- Imitation

- Phrases/Exchanges

    - Attention Getters

    - Motion Depiction

    - Indicators

    - Negatives

- Other Zoos

- Gesture Table

- Triadic Play Intro

- Triadic Play Research


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